Our story begins as a volunteer…

We were volunteering in houseless shelters in our community when we met a woman who was working hard to earn her CNA license online to support her family as her husband had disabilites and she had 2 children to support on her own. She worked hard while living in a local temporary shelter and locked down an interview. After that hard work she still didn't feel confident in herself. Previous job interviews judged her on her looks and hygiene habits as well as her "status" of being houseless. We knew we had to help.

We decided to give her a haircut, makeup, and wardrobe transformation along with a night to dinner with her and her daughter. As the night went on she opened up about her story and was vulnerable with us, and we were able to encourage, love on, and pray for her and her family. Just simply taking the time to make her feel valued, and conversate with her along with a simple night of pampering made her feel confident and loved. She ended up securing the job as a CNA at a local facility through having a little faith and trusting the process. She just needed confidence and encouragement and we knew that this was something many of those in our houseless community have struggled with. After that night Trusting The Process was born at the end of 2016. We hope to continue building confidence and changing perceptions on our houseless community with your help and support.